Secure Optimal Commercial Financing

We’ll help you find the right loan for your investment.

By working with Oxford Capital, you will have a team of experienced specialists to help you find the right commercial loan options for you.

Securing optimal commercial financing can be a complex and time-consuming process. Commercial financing is tailored to the particularities of your project – including your current and future financials, and the quality of the real property involved. Often the quality of the property dictates the quality of the financing available.

An in-depth analysis of the entire project (usually requiring a formal property appraisal, and the examination of business and personal financial records) is paramount to setting realistic expectations for available financing. Oxford Capital welcomes the opportunity to work with your current creditors, consultants, investors, attorneys, accountants and interested parties to best understand the overall goals of the project.

Oxford Capital works with national and local lenders, private investors, real estate investment trusts amongst other financing sources to ensure you get the optimal financing for your project. Put our expertise and relationships to work!

Finally, if you are interested in acquiring an existing corporation with its own credit history, commercial credit rating with existing credit lines, Oxford Capital can offer an acquisition strategy that may fit those goals.

Rochester’s premier team of mortgage specialists is ready to assist you. Call us toll-free today!

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